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Charlotte County enjoys a scenic location on the Southwest coast of Florida, with Port Charlotte and Punta Corda located near Peace River. The county has enjoyed a significant rise in both population and interest from external investors. Not surprisingly, the county is becoming more and more attractive to investors every day.

Residents can enjoy the various recreational facilities that are available in the area, such as the Cultural Center of Charlotte County and the Port Charlotte Beach Park. The county is also home to many great schools for all age groups and modern medical facilities. There are many high quality eating places that prepare some of the best cuisine in locations such as Placida and Englewood.

All these amenities naturally foster a high-quality life style. 

The county, which in 2019 was ranked as the number two county in Florida when looking at net worth, is a safe haven for individuals who have the professional qualifications, which is driving the population growth. Exciting employment sectors with jobs to offer include tourism, transportation, telecommunication, manufacturing, and water treatment and supply. 

Considering the fundamentals that drive JAX investment returns, the Southwest Florida real estate investment market is experiencing similar trends to the rest of the state. Employment growth is higher than the average for the state of Florida, which should support household growth and future rent increases.

 We love investing Charlotte County because we see the opportunity to attain short-term profit through rental income as well as long-term gains from appreciation. Investing in rental properties in the Southwest Florida promises to offer a high-potential for earning long-term returns. Demand and rent are high enough to make for profitable rental or vacation home investments.

The median home value in Charlotte County is $211,200, and Charlotte County home values have gone up over 11% over the past year and is predicted that they will rise by another 10% within the next year. This is good news for long term investors, as we feel the appreciation factor is very attractive.

Now is the best time to buy a home in Southwest Florida! It’s no doubt a bold statement, but it’s an accurate one none the less. Historically it is a very smart time to buy a investment property on the Gulf Coast of Florida; the mortgage interest rates are still low, the economy is thriving, and let’s not forget the fact that Florida is an income-tax free state. All of these factors, and many more, create what is a true “perfect storm” of opportunity for investors. Trulia, Forbes, MLS, and The Florida Realtor Association all predict consistent increases in property valuations and sale prices in the Southwest Florida real estate market.


Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 38.9%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%.


Compared to the rest of the country, SW Florida’s cost of living is over 9% lower than the national average.


SW Florida’s population is expected to achieve 9.11% by 2025. Punta Gorda metro area in Charlotte County added 5,271 residents and grew 3 percent, good enough for the third-fastest growth rate in the state and eighth nationwide. The North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton metro area added 20,444 residents and grew at 2.7 percent, fourth in the state and 10th nationwide.


Some of the strongest home price and rent growth forecasts in the nation.

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