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Our Proven Approach To Real Estate Investing

Our investors get direct access to a painless investment process and we take care of everything for you!

Our relationships

with developers gives you access to great returns on new construction home investment deals.

Our inventory system

brings amazing new constuction investment opportunities to your door.

Property Management Team

provides world class service, and is dedicated to assisting you for the long haul.

We built the system. You benefit.

Our Investing Model

Our process is simple, profitable, and gets you cash now and cash later! Take a look at why we use this method.

When utilizing this type of approach, we found that we’re able to create our own inventory of single family homes and small multi-units. Our main advantage for using this approach is clear – we know investors want passive income as well as equity growth, and we also know that is tough to find. Many various markets only offer one or the other – they offer equity growth OR they offer cash flow.

This is what separates JAX…

We have created a unique, hybrid market for our investors that gets you sustainable and predictable cash flow in an emerging market where many pro-business factors are on your side, while also being able to enjoy long-term equity growth. If you consider the market fundamentals (as listed in the section below) for northeast Florida, you will realize why we’re here and why we’re using the new construction model.

Our single-family new construction homes are all located in areas poised for growth and are highly desirable for first-time home buyers and investors of any level. With our small multi-units, we’re able to get a great combination of both cash flow and equity growth, which is what you’re looking for to plant those seeds and start having the things you want to have in life. 

Take a brief look at the many advantages you’ll inherit when you plug into our new construction investment model:

Less headaches

Less property Repairs & maintenance

New home features

Modern Construction Standards

Happier & longer staying tenants

industry leading warranties

Access to our steady flow of inventory

World-Class Property Management

high Resale ability down the road

More time to do what matters to you

Hybrid Approach - Cash Now & cash later

You can count on JAX to utilize our proven investment model and make strategic decisions in order to leverage the current market and get an above average ROI for our investors. Reach out to us today and let’s get started.

30 Days to Fill After Closing On Average

State Mandated 2-10 Builders Warranty

15% - 25% Down Payment / Leverage

First-Class Management In Place

“I’ve had nothing but a wonderful experience working with the JAX Wealth Investments team. I bought one property over a year ago. They completed the new construction work on time and more importantly it has performed better than expected on a cash flow basis. I have subsequently bought other properties from them with similar expectations. The team is very buttoned up and they know their business cold. I can recommend them without reservation.”

Brian G

Satisfied Investor

“I have known and worked with Brian Scrone and Jim Sheils for the last eight years. Jim and Brian are talented, hard working, successful real estate investors. When I first met them, they were small and working to make ends meet. Through perseverance, a great partnership, and shrewd investments they are successful and still growing. Their business brings integrity and commitment to doing the right thing for the people who invest with them.”

Keith J. Cunningham

CEO and Founder, KJC Investments

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