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Why Jacksonville, FL?

Real estate investors searching for the best place to invest in real estate in can stop looking now and invest in Jacksonville. This largest city in Florida is the place to invest if you’re seeking above average returns. With the city’s low property vacancies, increasing job opportunities, rising rents and single-family rental unit properties, Jacksonville has become a “can’t miss” real estate investment opportunity.  As mentioned in this NuWireInvestor.com article, Jacksonville offers many great opportunities for positive cash flow rental properties for real estate investors.

Property development is flourishing in the Jacksonville real estate market with more than a 10% increase in average sales since 2016, and when you couple this with the fact that the average sale prices of properties in Jacksonville are gradually rising every year, it signals that there’s room for equity growth and appreciation.

New construction home values in Jacksonville have gone up over the past few years and will continue to rise within the next year. According to the data from Mashvisor’s investment property calculator, the median price of homes currently listed in the Jacksonville real estate market is $280,635.

Beyond the natural scenic beauty, residents and tourists enjoy a vibrant arts scene nestled throughout our historic neighborhoods. The city is home to the southeast’s largest modern and contemporary art museum along with the largest urban park system in the United States. It doesn’t get much better than Jacksonville for lifestyle.

Plus, Jacksonville rocks at each of the fundamentals mentioned above, which is a lot more than we can say for most of the cheaper markets.

It’s the perfect combination of high cash-flow with enormous equity upside. Jacksonville is a city with a strong economic past, present, and future, but don’t take our word for it… Take the word of all the major think tanks, experts, and organizations that have ranked Jacksonville as a top investment city in America.

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Jacksonville Economy Surges in Latest Ranking

Study Predicts Jacksonville as Top 5 Growth Market

Jacksonville 2nd in Nation in Tech Job Growth: Forbes Study

Why You Should Invest in Jacksonville

What makes Jacksonville work?

Real estate investors succeed or fail based on the fundamentals, and Jacksonville shines on all fronts. Let’s take a closer look (next section).


Ever since the great recession, we’ve become accustomed to seeing low home prices. However,  we’re not accustomed to seeing these kind of prices in a highly desirable subtropical coastal area like Jacksonville.

It’s unprecedented! It won’t stay this affordable forever. Prices have been going up and the market is projected to rise again this year.

Jacksonville is amazingly affordable, but there are still cheaper markets out there. The difference between Jacksonville and those other markets is that we have a growing economy and a bright future.

Since when can you get a property in a tropical coastal area for a great price? Not often, if ever!

Another strong indicator is its low cost of living and affordable housing compared with different urban areas up and down the East Coast. In Jacksonville, RIGHT NOW, investors are able to buy real estate investment properties at very affordable prices. Why wait? Jump on board and take advantage today!

Economic Growth

Jacksonville is home to a diversified and growing economy that provides jobs for the future. We have several major economic and job growth centers:

  • Military – Jacksonville is home to over 30,000 military related jobs.
  • Logistics Hub – Jacksonville is the logistics hub for the entire Southeast.
  • Deep Sea Port – JAXPORT provides 65,000 jobs.
  • High Tech – Jacksonville is ranked 6th in the nation for high-tech cities.
  • Medical – Provider of over 100,000 jobs in Jacksonville.
  • Aviation – Jacksonville is home to over 100 Aviation Defense contractors.

With the favorable tax environment in Jacksonville, and Florida as a whole,  we’re confident about the future here, too.

Neither Florida, nor the city of Jacksonville has an income tax. With a low flat corporate tax rate of only 5.5%, you can see why Jacksonville will always be attractive to business, and the economy continues to improve each year. Neither the state of Florida nor the city of Jacksonville has an income tax imposed.

Population Growth

Last year alone Jacksonville recorded a population growth of 2.5% and ranked 13 among the largest cities in the nation. There’s no doubt that Jacksonville is a stable and continuously growing population, which is why we’re highly confident in the fact that Jacksonville real estate will experience a vibrant and profitable future in the years to come.

Population grew 2.5% in Jacksonville last year – twice the national average, and with our city growing so quickly, we will surely see a high level of continued demand. It’s a simple fact… More people =’s more renters and more buyers.

EMployment Growth

The employment rate in Jacksonville has been growing at an annual rate of over 3%. This spike will continue and it has a direct impact on both the population growth and the economic growth, which again, makes it one of the best places to buy investment properties.

When it comes to desirable regions in America, the Florida Coast is top of mind. All across this great state there are world-class beaches, golf resorts, and countless other attractions. Jacksonville is no exception. We’re proud of our mile-upon-mile of pristine beaches, dozens of world class golf courses, and well, pretty much everything else you’d expect in Florida.

Long-Term Returns

Jacksonville has become one of the best places to invest in real estate in 2018 due to its ability to give investors long-term equity growth and monthly cash flow.

Real estate helps you to diversify your portfolio, protecting you from falling stock markets. It does so by protecting your money and gives you long-term equity growth.

In conclusion, there is not a better time to grab the opportunity in Jacksonville real estate market. The sooner you do so, the sooner you’ll enjoy the effects of appreciation and start increasing your equity.

Great Place for families

All RE investors should consider investment strategies that will benefit you in the long-haul, and on of the most valuable considerations you need to make is how you plan get tenants?  What quality of tenants will you be able to get? It can vary greatly, from young students to established families. The majority of RE markets, turnover can be a serious problem that costs you income.

Having stable tenants with long-term leases is imperative to making your investment work correctly and to ensure it provides you with the cash flow you seek. Since Jacksonville is an emerging market, it’s easy to locate high-quality tenants to fill your property.

Emerging Market

New construction will be right along side growing and emerging markets. As a real estate investor, this is where you want to invest to reduce your risk and maximize your long term appreciation.

Since Jacksonville has continuous growth in its population, its economy, and its workforce, it is quite clear that it is an emerging market. With this fact out in the open, the time to invest here is NOW!

If you are considering investing in real estate, make the clear choice and contact us today – click below and get the process started.


New construction properties usually appreciate quicker than older homes, and when new developments fill up, its not long until businesses follow. Stores and shops, restaurants, schools, and other amenities emerge to serve the growing demand.

This undoubtedly will help to increase the property values as the increasing the demand placed by new residents.

A healthy, vibrant, and consistently growing population creates an investment opportunity that any serious real estate investor should jump on.

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