• New construction properties in high growth areas

  • Provides cash now and cash later

  • Professional management in place

Jax Wealth Investments can provide you with sustainable and predictable cash flow now AND equity growth for your retirement. Simply put, we help you to buy low, sell high, and collect cash flow along the way!

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At Jax Wealth Investments, we’ve created a rock-solid process that will get you the things you want in life, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We use our 20+ years of experience and our inventory of profit producing properties to get our partners equity growth to build up for retirement, as well as cash flow to meet your current passive income needs. How do we do this? It’s simple, really…

We utilize our world-class market analysis and our inventory of new construction homes to provide you with cash flow AND equity growth.

new HOme Construction Model

We know people want to hold properties long-term, for five to ten years, and we know they don’t want the headaches that come along with frequent repairs and maintenance. What do they want? Happier tenants and less vacancy costs, and that’s exactly what they’re getting from our system.

From a RE Investment standpoint, normally you get equity growth, OR you can get cash flow. We created a hybrid approach that delivers our partners both cash now AND cash later! Learn more about our new construction model that provides our investors with EQUITY GROWTH & CASH FLOW.

Investing Fundamentals

Effective market analysis is the way we ensure our investment partners only buy profitable investment properties and make good returns in real estate. It’s all about the fundamentals.

When we conduct the current market analysis, we take into consideration important fundamentals (listed in full, below) that enable you to make sound investment decisions and receive above average returns on your investments. Contact us today to learn more and discuss how easy and profitable it can be when you invest with Jax.

investment location

Why is Florida one of the best locations to invest in real estate? In its most simple terms, it’s an emerging market, it’s located in a tropical climate, and it happens to be affordable, desirable, profitable.

Florida is one of the nation’s most appealing real estate investing markets. Learn why Jacksonville, FL has become one of the best places to invest in the entire country. Jacksonville’s among the fastest growing cities in the nation, and sound investors follow big growth trends.

Location, location, location!

The Jacksonville real estate market is one of the nation’s MOST appealing markets and is a great investment opportunity for several reasons. First of all, Jacksonville, as well as Florida, are among the fastest growing populations in the nation – and Jacksonville ranks as the 12th most populated city in the country, according to the World Population Review.  When looking back 10 years, the Jacksonville metro area has grown by 20% and today there’s an estimated 1.3 million people living in this area. We expect this trend to continue for many years into the future.

So why is Jacksonville in the middle of a major growth spurt? For one, it is the only Florida city that is home to four Fortune 500 companies – which naturally drives economic, employment, and population growth. The region also has a world-class health care system, with more than 20 hospitals, making it a great place to live, offers a high-quality of life, and a perfect place to raise a family. The cost of living is below average, it’s a tropical climate, and being located in a pro-business environment puts the cherry on top for savvy investors.


Still not convinced? Take a look at the article written by NuWireInvestor.com that discusses the Top 5 Reasons to Invest in the Jacksonville Rental Properties in 2019. The  city has a young, educated workforce, there is no state tax, and it’s landlord friendly! What this region provides investors is the perfect combination of high cash-flow with enormous equity upside in a highly-desirable and beautiful place to live!

There are many more reasons why Florida, and Jacksonville in particular, make such a perfect environment for real estate investors. We have gathered statistics that further prove why Jacksonville is so attractive for RE investments:

Best U.S. City to Start a Business (Wallethub)

#3 best City in the US for jobs (Forbes)

#8 City Where Quality of Life is on the Rise (SmartAsset)

#1 Coastal Market to Watch in 2017 (Yahoo News)

#3 Best City for Veterans (Veterans United)

#9 Best Big City to Live in Right Now (Money)

#1 US Market To Watch in 2017 (Trulia)

Third largest military presence in the country

Top 10 City for Logistics Infrastructure (Global Trade)

#2 City Americans are Moving to Right Now (Forbes)

#5 Fastest Growing City in America (Forbes)

Jacksonville #14 Best City to Start a Business (Inc.)

#2 City for real estate investors (Forbes)

#5 Best Cities for Millennials (SmartAsset)

Top 20 Best Cities to Eat in America (Food & Wine)

Our Investment Markets

At JAX, we only invest in desirable, affordable areas that are poised for growth.

Jacksonville, FL

Learn more about Jacksonville, FL

Ocala, FL

Learn more about Ocala, FL

Southwest Florida

Learn more about Charlotte County


Other Markets


More markets to be announced soon.

More markets to be announced soon.

Our Investing Model

We work with investors who seek long-term investments to achieve monthly cash flow and long-term equity growth. We strive to get you these exact results, results that can and have been attained over and over again, simply by applying our new construction investment model.

New construction properties are able to offer investors unique benefits where traditional flip scenarios miss the mark. Our investment model involves mostly newly constructed single family homes, and also smaller multi-unit homes, such as duplexes or fourplexes. JAX still does your typical turnkey investments, but in the current market, our new construction model delivers great returns plus the benefits seen in the list.

Less headaches & New home features

Less property Repairs & maintenance

Areas that are poised for growth

Modern Construction Standards

Happier tenants = Less Vacancy Costs

industry leading 2/10 Warranty

Access to our steady flow of inventory

World-Class Property Management

high Resale ability down the road

More time to do what matters to you

Hybrid Approach gets you Cash Now & cash later

First-Class Management In Place

State Mandated 2/10 Builders Warranty

30 Days to Fill After Closing On Average

15% - 25% Down Payment / Leverage

8% property management fee

Follow the Fundamentals

Real estate investors succeed or fail based on the fundamentals. We chose Florida as our prime investment location for many factors; factors that any serious investor would consider highly favorable. In order for us to invest in a specific region, city, or neighborhood, the area must be strong in all of the key market drivers and must possess other desirable and attractive traits.

These requirements include:

Population Growth

Economic Growth

Employment Growth

Pro-Business environment

Provides Long-Term Returns


Great place for Families

Safe and Desirable City

Appreciation Works for You

Northeast Florida has ALL these factors, and in addition, it is a landlord friendly state. Simply put, what Florida provides investors is the perfect combination of high cash-flow with enormous equity upside. Click below to learn why investing in Florida’s real estate market puts you in the fast lane to financial freedom.

“I’ve had nothing but a wonderful experience working with the JAX Investments team. I bought one property over a year ago. They completed the new construction work on time and more importantly it has performed better than expected on a cash flow basis. I have subsequently bought other properties from them with similar expectations. The team is very buttoned up and they know their business cold. I can recommend them without reservation.”

Brian G

Satisfied Investor

“I have known and worked with Jim Sheils for the last eight years. Jim is talented, hard working, successful real estate investor. Through perseverance, a great team, and shrewd investments, Jax Wealth Investments is successful and still growing. Their business brings integrity and commitment to doing the right thing for the people who invest with them.”

Keith J. Cunningham

CEO and Founder, KJC Investments

Consistent RESULTS

We value hard work, honesty, simplicity and our system reflects these values. We believe investing should be simple and profitable. Period.

You’ll find that our JAX Wealth Investments new construction model is clear, simple, consistent, and profitable.

Lets talk, click below and start getting cash now and cash later!

PAinless, Profitable Process

You plug into a painless process when investing with JAX.

We already have the relationships built, we already have the inventory, we already have a profitable system in place, and we will provide the property management. What more could you ask for in an investment?

All you have to do is use our existing process and it’s basically plug and play from there. We’ve perfected the system so that you can profit from our Florida investment opportunities.

The Right Team

The hard-working team at JAX Wealth Investments has, on average, over 20 years of experience and we continuously provide profitable  investment properties to investors worldwide.

The key to our success lies in controlling the entire process for our investors. We do this by building new homes and then connecting our investors with our property management team, and they take care of our investors and their needs for the remainder of the process.

At JAX, our endgame is always achieving a high return on your investments.


Does JAX Wealth Investments manage the rentals?

No. We use third party companies to manage both ours and our clients’ holdings.

We manage the Property Managers on your behalf for the life of the investment.

Our focus is on the investment side of the business.

How do I get started?

 In order for us to take the property off the market we require a $5,000  deposit.

Do you provide any warranties?

We provide the Florida State Mandated 2-10 Builders Warranty for our new construction properties.

How do I get insurance and who manages my property?

We have a 3rd party company that provides insurance for the property and have a professional property management team in place.

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